nameLou Marvin Caraiggithubse7entyse7enroleHead of EngineeringcompanyAthenian
nameLou Marvin Caraiggithubse7entyse7enroleHead of EngineeringcompanyAthenian

About me

Hi! My name is Lou Marvin Caraig! I live in Florence, Italy, with my beloved wife and daughter.

I'm currently leading a fully distributed Engineering team that spans many time zones as the Head of Engineering of Athenian. I have +2 years of experience in leading distributed teams and +8 years of experience as a Software Development Engineer.

I designed and implemented scalable and highly distributed systems running under heavy loads and dealing with large amounts of data in real-time with both Python and Go (mostly using Kafka, Zookeeper, and Druid). I worked with different backend technologies and APIs, I'm proficient with continuous integration and both unit, integration, and e2e testing. I'm an expert Docker user and I'm also competent in deploying and orchestrating the resources in live environments using Terraform and Kubernetes, specifically on GKE.

I'm also skilled on the front-end specifically with React.js and proficient in applying the best practices also using Storybook for better components re-usability, and Cypress for both integration, e2e, and snapshot testing.

I occasionally worked in applied Machine Learning using Keras and Scikit-learn, mostly applied to images and dealt with data visualizations as well with both Python, Javascript, and R.

I'm an expert Git user, have some working experience with Scala, and have some minor experience with Rust and Elisp.

I love open-source and I contribute to open-source projects and when I can I write technical posts here in my blog. I'm an avid learner and passionate about state-of-the-art technologies. I'm very proactive and a team player that can work independently, capable of building and deploying a system from the ground up. When leading a team I mostly care about fostering transparency, clear communication, and knowledge sharing to ensure a collaborative environment and keep a high standard.

Any feedback is welcome! Just leave a comment on the posts or send me an email!